Top 9 Best Paint Sprayer Reviews in 2018

If you are planning on painting large stretches of surfaces, a paint or roller brush simply will not do. Using these methods, the task will take a lot longer and will not have that professional look that you may be attempting. In such instances, most people turn to the best paint sprayer.  These excellent paint spraying tools make it easier to paint walls or other large surfaces. In addition to cutting down the time spent painting, you also get a much neater finish.

Best Paint Sprayer Reviews

The two most commonly used types of best paint sprayers are compressed air sprayers and airless sprayers, or airless spray painters. Compressed air sprayers use compressed air as a power source, causing the spray to emit paint onto a surface, creating a smooth finish. They are ideal for painting pieces of furniture such as tables, chairs, and cabinets. The other category of sprayers are airless sprayers.  With the best airless spray painters, the air is pumped from a container, through a hose, and into the spray gun, which uses a diaphragm to distribute the paint rather than air. This is typically used to paint walls, decks, shutters, and fences.

Although the best airless spray painters tend to be a little more expensive than compressed air sprayers, they usually create a better finish. There are many different models of paint sprayers and choosing the right one for you can be a difficult and time-consuming job. To make sure that you make the right choice for you, you should go through several best paint sprayer reviews.  This way, you will be able to make a more informed decision of the best spray painter for you. Here are some options that you should consider:

Top 9 Best Paint Sprayer Reviews

1. Wagner 0529010
1. Wagner 0529010
Key Features: X-Boost Turbine - iSpray Technology - Softer and Lighter

This is an all purpose paint sprayer that can be used inside as well as on exterior surfaces. Wagner 0529010 is a hand-held paint sprayer that offers up to nine different speeds. This best paint sprayer has been equipped with powerful turbine technology and has a high-quality nozzle. This paint sprayer also comes with a second nozzle to ensure that you get that perfect finish that you are looking for.

X-Boost Turbine

This turbine showcases incredible power and is estimated to be at least three times more powerful than traditional paint sprayers, and that is why we have included the Wagner on our list of top 9 best paint sprayer reviews. This high power allows the sprayer to spray any coating, including paint that has not been thinned out.

iSpray Technology

This innovative technology is limited to Wagner models. Due to this design, there is 60 percent greater airflow through the sprayer. This means that the paint is sprayed out smoothly over any surface, regardless of the coating.

Softer and Lighter

Despite the additional power, the Wagner 0529010 is quite easy to handle. It tends to be much lighter than its counterparts on the market, weighing just 4 pounds. It is also a lot quieter as well, producing just 65 decibels of noise.


  • Power dial allows for greater flexibility due to adjustable settings
  • Coatings do not need to be thinned
  • Powerful turbine
  • Quiet and soft
  • 8 gallons per hour of production
  • Two nozzles for better finish


  • Paint sprayer can be difficult to set up

2. Wagner 0529021
2. Wagner 0529021
Key Features: Innovative Technology - Easy to Use - Quick Work

The Wagner 0529021 is a portable paint sprayer than can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The key components of this sprayers is the X-Boost turbine, the iSpray nozzle, and a Detail Finish nozzle. This paint sprayer can paint large surfaces in a relatively short period of time. The machine also sprays up to 8.4 gallons per hour of use.

Innovative Technology

The Wagner 0529021 functions so well due to the X-Boost turbine which allows this best paint sprayer to be extremely powerful. At the same time, this turbine also allows the product flexibility, by providing controls that can be easily adjusted. It can also control the amount of over spray created by the sprayer. The iSpray nozzle allows for ideal amounts of coating to be sprayed, making sure that the finish is as smooth and professional as possible. As reinforcement, the Detail Finish nozzle has also been provided. This allows for an even better finish to be achieved after the initial spraying.

Easy to Use

One of the perks of the Wagner 0529021 is that the settings can easily be adjusted. You do not have to keep reaching over to get to the base. Instead, the air power, spray pattern, and the material flow are all present on the handle. With just one finger, you can quickly change the settings to suit the situation.

Quick Work

With this high power paint sprayer, all tasks are completed in a relatively short time. Due to the power and accuracy behind the Wagner 0529021, it can paint an 8 x 10 foot wall in five minutes. The fact that this piece of equipment is capable of producing 8.4 gallons per hour is also advantageous.


  • Produces quick results
  • Easily adjustable settings on handle
  • Significant power due to X-Boost turbine
  • iSpray nozzle and Detail Finish nozzle create smooth finish
  • Does not wear away easily
  • All parts can be easily stored with sprayer


  • Spray gun can be messy to clean up after painting

3. Graco Magnum 262800
3. Graco Magnum 262800
Key Features: Great Coverage - AutoPrime - Smooth Finish - Easy Handling

This airless paint sprayer has been designed to use by everyone, including homeowners looking to spruce up their houses. This sprayer can be used on the inside and the outside of the home, and because it is so versatile, it is on the list of top 9 best paint sprayer reviews. It comes equipped with a SG10 spray gun, DuraFlex hose, airless spray tip, and storage fluid. You have all of the pieces that you require to begin painting immediately. A helpful start up guide is provided with each sprayer. This best paint sprayer produces a great deal of pressure and paint, ensuring that large surfaces can be covered with minimum hassle.

Great Coverage

The Graco Magnum is capable of producing 0.27 gallons per minute. This adds up to about 16 gallons per hour. This means that you will not have to be filling up on paint constantly, allowing you to cover a greater area in a shorter period of time.


This sprayer comes with an AutoPrime feature. This allows to reduce any problems you may be experiencing due to priming. It will help you to overcome any issues regarding debris or careless clean up.

Smooth Finish

The spray gun comes equipped with a feature to prevent any large particles from coming through. This means that the paint is sprayed on lightly and smoothly, and looks better as well.

Easy Handling

The Graco Magnum can be easily handled due to a variety of settings available with this paint sprayer. This way, you can adjust it to whichever setting suits your spray painting needs. There is also a Power Adjust adaptor that allows the sprayer to be attached to a garden hose and cleaned out easily when you are finished spray painting.


  • Better coverage
  • Helpful priming features
  • Smooth finish due to in-handle filter
  • All parts provided
  • Easy adjustability


  • At 18.8 pounds, this best spray painter can be a little heavy to lug around for smaller individuals

4. Wagner 0518050
4. Wagner 0518050
Key Features: Quick and Even - Easy to Use - Fine Finish

This control, double duty spray painter uses high volume low pressure methods to spray paint in thin coatings onto the target surface. The air turbine sprayer has been designed so that this best paint sprayer can be used inside spaces as well as in an outside environment as well. This sprayer has various attachments to ensure that all of your painting tasks are completed quickly and evenly. The sprayer is also easily assembled.

Quick and Even

The Wagner 0518050 comes equipped with a three position air cap. This means that vertical fan, horizontal fan, or round patterns can be achieved. Depending on the surface that you are painting, you can get the most even finish possible. Additionally, material flow can be adjusted due to a variable trigger. This paint sprayer is capable of spraying between ½ inch width and 9 inch width. Thus, regardless of the surface that you are painting, you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Easy to Use

This Wagner sprayer is incredibly easy to use. First, it comes together quickly and should take no more than five minutes to assemble. It can be worked easily by simply pressing the trigger. This will allow paint or other coatings to be sprayed evenly from the nozzle. Finally, cleanup is also extremely quick with this paint sprayer. You should be able to get your equipment clean in less than ten minutes.

Fine Finish

In addition the three position air cap, the final result is also helped by the fact that this sprayer utilizes high volume low pressure technology. Thanks to this, thinned out coatings are sprayed in a continuous and even manner. This makes the end result extremely appealing.


  • Multiple position air cap for better finish
  • Uses high volume low pressure technology
  • Variable spray width
  • Easy to assemble and clean up
  • Easy to use with trigger function


  • The coatings have to be thinned out first

5. Wagner 0518080
5. Wagner 0518080
Key Features: Powerful Turbine - Flow Control & Air Pressure - Easy to Manage

This Wagner paint sprayer allows you to spray stain, varnish, seal, and latex paint. The high quality results that are produced are due to the two-stage turbine and variable pressure control. In addition, the Wagner 0518080 comes equipped with two different air filters. This minimizes the dirt or other pollutants that could get stuck in the paint and ruin the finish. To adjust to the surface being painted, there are three different spray patterns offered. The ease of this Wagner paint sprayer ensures that even novices can use it without any problems.  That is why we have included this Wagner paint sprayer on the list of best paint sprayer reviews, because if you have have ever experience a bad spray paint job, then you will know how important it is to find the best paint sprayer!

Powerful Turbine

The turbine has been designed to handle coatings that are both thick and thin. For thicker coatings such as interior latex paint, the turbine ensures that an even spray occurs, preventing clumps from occurring.

Flow Control & Air Pressure

What is ideal about the Wagner 0518080 is that it can be used on a variety of surfaces with a variety of coatings. For thinner coatings, the flexible air pressure control prevents over spray. The available pressure can be adjusted from 1.50 psi to 2.63 psi. The variable pressure control also helps to modify the width precision of the sprayer. It is capable of spraying between ½ inch and 9 inches width of material.

Easy to Manage

Even first timers will not have a problem with this Wagner model. With a simple turning of the ears, the spray pattern can be changed while the pressing of a trigger will cause the machine to function. The presence of a Lock-n-Go makes it easy to quickly change the various parts.


  • Thin and thick coatings can be used
  • Variable width prevision
  • Easy to use
  • Air filters to prevent pollutants
  • Three different spray patterns


  • Finish can be inconsistent with certain coatings

6. Fuji 2203G
6. Fuji 2203G
Key Features: Flexible - Excellent Finish - Hose

The most noticeable feature of the Fuji paint sprayer that it has considerable spraying power. This is due to the technology utilized known as the two stage system. The 1400 watt 2-stage bypass motor helps to get the best paint sprayer possible. In addition, a variety of coatings can be used. The additional features such as non-bleed and Fan Control knob, help you to get a more precise finish when using the Fuji 2203G.  Also on the list of best paint sprayer reviews.


The Fuji 2203G has been created for flexibility and to allow it to be used in a variety of painting situations. This is helped by the fact that different coatings can be used with this sprayer. This means that it is capable of catering to a variety of tasks.

Excellent Finish

If you are looking for something that will get you that professional looking finish, then look no further than Fuji 2203G paint sprayer. This is partially due to the non-bleed features produced by the sprayer. This is further helped by the presence of a Fan Control knob. This allows the pattern to be changed from a smaller circular one to much larger ones. This way, you will be able to paint large surfaces faster and with greater precision.


Of course, the final result is not just based on the spray paint gun itself but also its attachment. This is why the designers of the Fuji 2203G have added a 25 foot hose. This is particularly helpful when dealing with thinner coatings as it reduces the possibility of over spraying. There is also less bounce back due to the length of the hose.


  • Powerful motor
  • Non-bleed features for optimal finish
  • Fan Control knob to control pattern settings
  • Less overspray created
  • Gun holder attached


  • The gun can corrode if not cleaned out properly on a regular basis

7. Earlex HV5500
7. Earlex HV5500
Key Features: Precision - Multiple Coatings

This high volume low pressure paint sprayer is for professionals that are serious about perfecting their painting craft. It can be used for larger jobs or even at home. The powerful turbine is capable of producing 42 CFM and giving you that smooth finish that you are attempting. It can also be used with many different coatings. The spray gun comes attached with a 2mm stainless steel tip.


The level of precision that can be achieved with this gun is due to the many dial settings available. This includes the PushNClick option that allows you to easily change the spray pattern. You also have a dynamic control action trigger as well as a paint volume control dial. You can opt to change the pattern width from ½ inch all the way up to 12 inches.  The Earlex is on the list of best paint sprayer reviews, because it makes any painting job a lot more efficient and quick.

Multiple Coatings

This all purpose paint sprayer allows for both water-based as well as oil-based coatings to be used. This includes thinned latex, varnishes, sealants, oils, shellacs, urethanes, oils, enamels, acrylics, stains, and lacquers. This best paint sprayer can be used for multiple jobs.


  • Creates professional looking results
  • Can be used for work or home
  • Easily adjustable dials
  • Multiple dials available
  • Variable pattern width
  • Can be used with multiple coatings


  • Can be a little loud when utilized

8. Fuji 2903-T70
8. Fuji 2903-T70
Key Features: Precise Finish - MM3 Turbine

The patented Mini-Mite 3 Turbine used in the Fuji 2903-T70 allows this best paint sprayer to produce up to 6 psi. This means that different types of coatings can be utilized with this machine, regardless of their base. This can be used by individuals who are just starting out or for professionals who are looking for a high quality sprayer. It is not only easy to use, but also easy to clean up and maintain for longer use.

Precise Finish

This Fuji paint sprayer is equipped with non-bleed technology, meaning that a better finish can be achieved, regardless of the surface being painted. This is accompanied by the Pattern Control knob, which can adjust the fan from small to large. This, in turn, allows the pattern sprayed to have a smaller or larger width depending on the setting chosen.

MM3 Turbine

The turbine is capable of producing up to 6 psi allowing multiple coatings to be used. This includes the newer water-based coatings. This means that you do not have to switch up sprayers if you need it for multiple tasks around the house or the job sites.


  • Utilizes many different coating
  • Powerful turbine
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Different settings for different paint jobs


  • May need different tips depending on painting job

9. HomeRight C800766
9. HomeRight C800766
Key Features: Adjustability - Paints - Minimizes Overspray

The advantage of the HomeRight paint sprayer is that it is a self-contained piece of equipment. It does not require air compressors, hoses, or pumps, and is worth a mention on our list of top 9 best paint sprayer reviews.  Therefore, you are not required to fiddle around with a many different attachments. There is a great deal of control offered with this sprayer due to the adjustable spray control and the spray patterns.


With the functions provided by HomeRight C800766 spray painter, you can control just how much paint is coming through the nozzle. There are also three different spray patterns offered with this paint sprayer. They are horizontal, circular, and vertical. This means that you can tailor the spray pattern to the piece of furniture or item that is being painted.


The HomeRight C800766 paint sprayer can be used with different coatings. It works well with the more common types such as latex, enamel, and acrylic. It can also be used with less conventional coatings such as chalk-type and milk. It is particularly useful when you are trying to paint a top coat on a surface. The HomeRight sprayer allows the top coat to be applied without the presence of bubbles.

Minimizes Overspray

The spray control available with the HomeRight sprayer allows the lightest of coats to be sprayed each time. This means that the finish is a lot more even and smoother. It also allows each layer to be dry a lot more quickly. More importantly, however, the sprayer prevents overspray from occurring.


  • Settings are easily adjusted
  • Great spray control
  • Multiple coatings can be used
  • Great for top coats
  • Reduced overspray


  • Is not suitable for larger projects


These are some of the more accomplished paint sprayers on the market. Now that you know their advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the best paint sprayer for you. Read through our list of the top 9 best paint sprayer reviews and decide which one meets your requirements.

In order to make the right decision, carefully consider just what you are planning to find the best paint sprayer for your needs. You will then easily be able to match the best paint sprayer to the job.

If you need to buy the best portable air compressor to run your paint sprayer, be sure to check out our comprehensive and independent air compressor reviews.

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