Do you want the best Quiet Air Compressor

How do you find the best quiet air compressor?

Have you ever operated a noisy machine for a long period of time?  Or have you noticed when you are working indoors, loud noise can become extremely uncomfortable?   So if you prefer to find the best quiet air compressor to fulfill your needs, then we have a range of quiet air compressors to get the job done.

Why are noisy air compressors a problem?

Exposure to loud noise for a prolonged period of time will actually cause temporary hearing loss.  If this exposure to loud noise continues, it will eventually cause permanent damage to the ears.  If you need to work for a prolonged period of time in close proximity to loud machinery, then you should definitely consider searching for a quiet air compressor.  Read on a bit further where we have done some research and present a range of the best quiet air compressor reviews.

The benefits of a quiet air compressor

If you are exposed to noise levels of around 85 dB for any length of time, you will experience some level of discomfort in the ears.  Anything above this noise level, and you are in the risk level to suffer from some degree of hearing loss.  But before we can understand the risks associated with exposure to noise, we need to understand how noise is measured.  Noise is measured in decibels or dB for short.  The important fact is that dB is a logarithmic scale, which means for every increase of 3 dB, the actual noise volume is doubled.  So a small increase in dB can actually mean a large increase in volume.  This explains why the risk of hearing loss can become very severe.

You don’t have to compromise your work output!

The other way to look at the problem is that for every additional 3 dB of noise, your safe exposure time is cut in half.  This means that unless you find the best quiet air compressor, your working time is going to be reduced each day.

best quiet air compressor

Reduce the risk of hearing loss with a quiet air compressor

We have found a range of quiet air compressors that operate below the 85 dB level, but some air compressors pump out 100 dB and above.  Many operators choose to wear hearing protection. This is certainly a good idea, but this can only reduce the risk.  With extremely loud noise, hearing protection does not completely protect the user when working for prolonged periods of time.  A better option is to seek the best quiet air compressor for your needs.

How to Find the Best Quiet Air Compressor

Obviously most people want to find the most powerful machine to get the job done faster, but this can cause a problem with the noise level.  More power generally makes more noise!  The fact that you can work faster usually does not save people as we tend to just try to go just a little longer to get finished, or do a few more jobs, or try to do too much.  The problem is that all of these can come at the risk of permanent hearing damage.

The best quiet air compressor doesn’t have to be this way

In a surprising outcome, you do not have to sacrifice power in order to choose a quiet air compressor.  In fact the best small air compressor is very quiet to operate.  This means you can leave it running almost silently on the work site, with no problems.  Whilst it can be difficult to verify the manufacturer’s claim as to the best quiet air compressor, there are some ultra quiet air compressors on the market.  Indeed some of the smaller units are described as silent air compressors.  This makes them an invaluable addition to any work site.  If you know what output you need from your compressor, then you will be able to check our best quiet air compressor reviews.   Make sure you find a perfect fit, and within your budget.

Let us help you find a quiet air compressor that meets your needs

If you are looking for the best quiet air compressor on the market, then look no further.   We have produced a list of quiet air compressor reviews that we recommend for the do it your self renovator.  Really any one who needs air powered tools! The versatile contractor who needs a portable and quiet air compressor. Even the interior professional finishers who need a reliable and silent air compressor to run all day with no hassles.

Here is the list of best quiet air compressor reviews:

DEWALT D55140 1 Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim Compressor

We love the neat and quiet DeWalt D55140 air compressor for its ultra portability design, and it is not short on power output.  Although it has only a small 1 gallon air tank, it operates at a very healthy 135 PSI.  This should satisfy most builders and renovators for interior finishing jobs.  Even better, the Dewalt D55140 operates at a very low 69 dB.  That is why it is one of our picks for best quiet air compressors, as well as the best interior air compressor.

Featuring an oil free air pump and heavy duty cast iron construction.  This quiet air compressor is built to last, no matter how much hard work you need to do.  Comes with a rugged and sturdy design.  I also includes a protective roll cage and secure control panel to protect the gauges, you don’t have to worry about breaking this tool.

Perfect for all interior finishing tasks, cabinet making, trims and woodworking jobs, this handy and ultra quiet air compressor will definitely find a home in your garage or shed.

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California Air Tools 10 Gallon Steel Tank (CAT 10020)

The CAT 10020 is a very impressive quiet air compressor, as it comes fitted with a massive 10 gallon stainless steel air tank.  This can supply enough air to satisfy most home renovators, and even building contractors who appreciate the need for a quiet air compressor.

What is the benefit of California Air Tools?

California Air Tools make the best quiet air compressor for your needs.  Sometimes these machines are a little more expensive than the typical home garage air compressor. The reason is that the air compressor pump tends to be designed for two piston pumping (rather than a single).  Because the air is being compressed at twice the rate, the air pump compression needs to be only half the speed.  This makes the California Air Tools brand one of the best quiet air compressor designs.

The CAT 10020 has a 10 gallon steel tank and is a wonderful quiet air compressor.   It has the horsepower to meet all of your air supply for air powered tools, spray painting.  It is more than useful for pumping car tires, bike tires, and even soccer balls. This quiet air compressor is a little heavier than other models.  But it is also sturdier, and it is built to last.  It comes fully installed with quarter inch hose couplings and a double manifold outlet so that you can use two air tools at the same time.

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Senco PC1010 1 HP 1 Gallon Compressor

The Senco PC1010 is a very neat and compact unit which is also a very quiet air compressor.  In fact, it was designed specifically for use indoors.  Good for applications such as trim finishing, kitchen renovations, and other cabinetry tasks.  At an operating noise around the 75 dB mark, it is not a completely silent air compressor.  But you can certainly operate the machine without risk to your hearing, or that of everyone else around you.

The Senco PC1010 air compressor is based on a 1 gallon air storage tank.  It achieves such a low noise level because the motor is a 1 horsepower, 4 Amp electric motor.  The relatively low power motor is able to recharge the air tank in 1 to 2 minutes.  Even if you require a large discharge rate, all you have to do is pause briefly to allow the air pump to catch up again.

The other benefit is that this machine is not only a quiet air compressor, but it is also very lightweight at around 10 kg.  That means the Senco air compressor is ideal for home renovators who need a portable air compressor to use anywhere around the home.

Nevertheless, the Senco quiet air compressor consists of stainless steel construction.  It has oil free operating components, and easy to use gauges.  This small air compressor a pleasure to own and use.

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California Air Tools CAT-1610A 1 HP Aluminum Tank

It is no surprise that another contender for the best quiet air compressor comes from California Air Tools.  The CAT-1610A with a high pressure Aluminum Tank.  This silent air compressor boasts an extremely low noise output of just 60 dB.  Basically, that is no louder than a normal conversation!  When this machine is running, you can barely hear a gentle humming noise.  The best part is that this ultra quiet air compressor will not even interrupt your concentration or your conversations.  This is extremely important when working in crowded areas, or shared workspaces.

The CAT-1610A achieves this remarkably quiet noise level with a 1 horsepower motor running at comfortably low speed.  It has more than enough power to recharge the 1 gallon aluminum air tank in less than 1 minute, so you will rarely be without air supply.

The oil free pumping system means relatively maintenance free operations.  This quiet air compressor is a very handy tool for most home renovators or do it yourself exponents.  The aluminum air tank makes the unit as light as possible.  It also protects from rust and corrosion problems.  It also operates better on hot days as well as being useful for most indoor tasks, as well as relatively light outdoor jobs also.

You will definitely find a place for this portable and quiet air compressor in your shed or garage.

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Rolair JC10 1 Horsepower air compressor for quiet operation

The Rolair JC10 is another quiet air compressor to consider, which is best suited for indoor tasks or lightweight tasks.  This air compressor does not provide the highest air flow rate on the market.  But it is more than useful for small nailing tasks, stapling jobs, engraving and even some smaller air spraying jobs.

The Rolair JC10 is best suited for home renovators as it is a very quiet air compressor to operate.  It is small and easily storable, and it comes with a full roll cage construction.  This means it is protected from those accidental bumps and scratches that inevitable take place.

Because it is lightweight and easy to move, the Rolair quiet air compressor is one of the favorite tools in the shed.  It and takes only a couple of minutes to recharge and pump up to full air pressure.  That means it is easy to set up, and it stores away very easily.  There is very little maintenance to be done.  Look after the drain valve and make sure there is no water accumulation in the air tank.  This will ensure that the system is properly drained after each use.  Look after it and this small air compressor will serve you for many years.

Click here read the full specifications of the Rolair JC10

California Air Tools 5510SE

The California Air Tool 5510SE is another contender for best quiet air compressor, and boasts an operating noise level of just 60 dB.  The California Air Tools range are renowned as the best quiet air compressors, and the CAT-5510SE is no exception.  The CAT 5510SE can happily supply compressed air up to a maximum of 120 PSI, and runs between 90 PSI and 120 PSI, taking only 30 – 40 seconds to recharge.  The air tank has a capacity of 5.5 gallons, and is made of stainless steel for durability and longevity.

The CAT 5510SE is virtually maintenance free due to the oil free design of the air pump and motor.  Not to mention the stainless steel tank which resists corrosion both on the inside and outside.  Although it is not the lightest air compressor that we have reviewed.  It comes fitted with wheels and handle that make this portable air compressor a cinch to transport and move around the work site.

Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.  Once this machine is up and running, it is common to set and forget it is even running, because is an almost silent air compressor.

Read more about the CAT 5510SE at Amazon

California Air Tools CAT-6310 Steel Tank Air Compressor

The next best quiet air compressor review is for another California Air Tool – the CAT 6310 Steel tank Air Compressor.  There really is no escaping the fact that California Air Tools make the best quiet air compressor range.  The CAT-6310 is no exception, and outputs a miserly 60 dB noise even at full power.  Low noise, low vibration, and low pump speed make this a very user friendly air compressor.

But make no mistake, it is a serious trade tool, suitable for home renovators or contract tradesmen.  The CAT-6310 air compressor pumps out a very useful maximum air pressure of 135 PSI.  It can easily fill and recharge the 6.3 gallon steel tank in no time.  The CAT-6310 weighs in at almost 25 kg.  So it is not the lightest air compressor on the market.  But some people consider this to be an advantage, as it is very sturdy, and does not jump all over the place while you are working.

Don’t forget the oil free, dual piston, low noise and low vibration benefits of this quiet air compressor.  The CAT 6310 even comes with a high temperature shut off for thermal overload protection.  this is an excellent feature to look after both you as well as the machine.  Oh, and did I mention it operates at only 60 dB?  My kids earphones are louder than that!

Read our detailed review of the California Air Tools CAT-6310


DEWALT DWFP55130 Heavy Duty 200 PSI Quiet Trim Air Compressor

Just to prove that we pride ourselves on providing non-biased independent reviews of a wide range of air compressors, we found another quiet air compressor by DeWalt, that is worthy of your attention.

The benefit of this model is a combination of high power motor, high capacity air tank, and high pressure air supply.  Yes, with the DeWalt DWFP55130 you get the very best of all aspects a high powered quiet air compressor, just without the noise!

The DeWalt DWFP55130 is closely related to the D55140 that we reviewed previously but is worthy of extra consideration.  Designed as a pancake air compressor, the DW55130 has a quoted operating noise level of just under 72 dB.

It is a fact that these DeWalt air compressors are not as quiet as the California Air Tool models.  But they are much quieter than almost all other pancake air compressor designs.  So if you love the portability and convenience of a pancake air compressor, then this small and quiet air compressor might just be for you!

The DWFP55130 uses a 12 amp high power motor to recharge a 2.5 gallon tank with compressed air up to an impressive 165 PSI.  The operating range is between 165 and 150 PSI, with a reported max of 200PSI!  Even at the lower end of the range, this quiet air compressor will be useful for most tasks either at home or on a worksite.

The DeWalt DWFP55130 is a serious though quiet air compressor, which is suitable for lightweight to heavy duty tasks, and is suitable even for advanced users such as tradesmen who rely on a powerful yet quiet air compressor to supply power wherever the task is required.  Weighing in at around 16 kg, and with a compact size shape, this portable air compressor is a desirable addition to any garage or shed, and thanks to its smart design, makes little or no impact on the user, or other workers nearby.

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California Air Tools 2010A – CAT 2010A

best quiet air compressorSaving the best till last, the California Air Tools 2010A is a in between capacity machine that is a great all rounder, satisfying many of the requirement of the best quiet air compressor, whilst also being lightweight, portable and extremely dependable.

The CAT 2010A operates at only 60 dB which means you can operate this quiet air compressor in the middle of a busy work site.  No one will even know it is running!  No matter if you are a do it yourself renovator, or a contract tradesman.  The CAT 2010A is an excellent choice of best quiet air compressor.

You can use it in the shed or garage at home, or transport it to work sites whenever you need compressed air and guaranteed.  There will be no complaints about the noise level from this ultra quiet air compressor.

The CAT 2010A is designed around a convenient 2 gallon aluminum air tank.  This makes it lightweight, but large enough to carry a decent supply of compressed air.  The 1 horsepower motor is capable of maintaining a constant flow of compressed air.  If you discharge the air tank, it takes less than a minute to recharge the reservoir.  Running at less than 1680 revolutions per minute (which is a Californian Air Tools specialty) this quiet air compressor will never be a problem for too much noise.  Better still, it is virtually maintenance free, and will run for up to 3000 hours between maintenance intervals.  Rust resistant, noise resistant and trouble resistant.

The CAT 2010A is well worth checking out as our favorite for best quiet air compressor


The verdict – we found a quiet air compressor!

Did you find that the search for the best quiet air compressor was too much of a challenge?  Then we hope that these ultra quiet air compressor reviews have changed your mind.   Old style air compressors had a bad reputation for pumping out noise and compressed air in equal quantities.  But that is no longer the case!

Although a noise free air compressor is probably never going to happen! There are certainly some almost silent air compressors that are sure to impress.  Whilst some of the best quiet air compressor reviews may not be suitable for heavy duty industrial needs, there are certainly some great options for the do it yourself handyman. Protection Status



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