Hitachi Ltd. – a leading global electronics company that is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, offers a wide variety of products and services in market sectors which include consumer products, electronic devices, power and industrial systems, materials, as well as logistics and financial services.


For over a hundred years, Hitachi has been contributing a wide array of ingenious, technologically superior, and value-oriented air technology products while their Air Technology Group creates mechanically advanced vortex blowers and oil-free compressors that complement various industrial applications.

Hitachi’s selection of industrial DSP oil-free air compressors, vortex blowers, and SRL oil-free scroll air free compressors offer value in terms of maximized performance, plus power and space savings. Since the company is one of the chief providers of air technology products, Hitachi follows meticulous environmental standards to allow delivery of oil-free and contaminant-free air for critical tasks.


Here are some of the oil-less air compressors offered by Hitachi which includes a brief description and features:

  • Hitachi DSP Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors
    Hitachi continues to manufacture a complete lineup of advanced DSP oil-free rotary screw air compressors that are used by a large number of industries worldwide. The company’s DSP oil-free air compressors are produced equally with the industry’s rigorous standards and techniques to deliver unrivaled efficiency. These Hitachi compressors are extremely flexible and can eliminate occurring issues due to oil mists, as well as vapors in compressed air.


– First and second stage rotors are made of stainless steel

– Equipped with hi-precooler to avoid thermal shock

– Low vibration and sound levels

– Has OMR to stop gear-case mist from leaving its package

– PTFE-free rotor coating

– The company produces almost 80% of this specific package in-house to ensure quality

  • Hitachi Industrial SRL Oil-less Scroll Air Compressor
    These types of air compressors are the result of Hitachi’s innovative technology which focuses on providing oil-free, as well as contaminant-free compressed air. Hitachi fashions the SRL oil-free scroll air compressors, focusing on its quality and performance while improving the capability of the most demanding industrial applications. Lately, the company has included SRL multiplex oil-less scroll air compressor in its industrial air compressor portfolio, and the new multiplex oil-less SRL compressor develops energy savings by employing their multi-drive mode which optimizes the compressor’s operation by corresponding air supply to production demand.


– Includes microprocessor controls

– Great service life of any scroll compressor available in the market

– The 100% oil-less design eradicates environmental concerns and emissions for natural resources

– These compressors have a tip seal material which offers high    performance, high reliability, and extremely low wear.

– Alumite TM treatment prolongs the compressor’s scroll life and limits its life cycle cost

– The industry’s leading sound level is from 48-52dB, and the point of use is now possible with the quiet Hitachi SRL oil-less scroll compressor.


Hitachi has continuously developed and produced more advanced, trustworthy, and industry related compressors that meet each one of their customer’s specific performance needs, so aside from their oil-less compressors, Hitachi created their line of oil-lubricated air compressors which cater to various industrial applications.

Some of the oil-lubricated air compressors are the following:

  • Oil-lubricated Package Bebicon
    This type of compressor comes with an enclosed cabinet that reduces the generated noise levels of the machine during operations. The compressor is a heavy-duty piston machine that is designed to operate for long, continuous hours.The Bebicon compressor is best for manufacturing industries, spray painting, automotive service workshops, and pneumatic tools.FEATURES:
    > ECOMODE: this feature monitors the consumption of air and automatically adapts the cutout pressure for energy conservation.

> Suction-type drain piping: the new and enhanced design prevents rust from accumulating in the compressor’s drain pipe.

         > Smaller Foot Print Space: compared to previous models, the Bebicon compressor’s oil-lubricated package installation space is 2% smaller.

         > Maintenance Interval Improvement: the improved design allows for extended maintenance intervals from 8,000 hours to 10,000 hours.

  • Hitachi Lubricated Bebicon
    Hitachi’s lubricated (oil flooded) Bebicon compressor is designed to operate for long hours. It is suitable for spray painting, pneumatic tools and works best for automotive service workshops as well as for manufacturing industries.


> Compressor Head:  is compact, light, has high performance and reliability, plus it’s easy to maintain.

> High-cooling Head Design: its cylinder head is made of aluminum alloy and has a ventilated rib for improved air capacity and heat radiation.


With their impressive line of air compressors, Hitachi is definitely recommended for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who are in search of contemporary and innovative machines that help people with various applications.

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