makita air compressor reviews

Makita is known as a worldwide manufacturer of quality industrial power tools that offers a wide variety of mechanical accessories to suit everyone’s needs. The company administers superior innovation to devise more energy efficient and compact power tools while contributing industrial strength, functionality, and results.

With that said, we can guarantee that the quality of the best Makita air compressor to provide excellence and maximum performance just like what anyone would expect from every other product from Makita.

Below Are 4 Best Makita Air Compressor Reviews

Like other brands of industrial power tools and equipment, the Makita air compressor has a range of pros and cons.   We have reviewed and listed some of the factors that should be considered relevant before purchasing any type of Makita air compressor.

The Pros

  • The typical Makita air compressor is built with a cylinder made of cast iron which guarantees an increased compression rate.
  • Because of the cast iron present, durability is provided which is necessary for rough and heavy job site conditions.
  • The Makita air compressor comes with solid rubber feet that are present to protect the floor and tiles of the work area, and at the same time reduces the vibrations from the Makita air compressor.
  • The best Makita air compressor comes equipped with industrial-grade filters which provide each user with an increased air intake, as well as greater efficiency. With the presence of these filters, debris and dust will effectively be kept away and out of the pump even if a Makita air compressor is used for site environments.

The Cons

  • There are some Makita air compressors that are on the heavier side and some who have purchased those said compressors have concerns regarding the weight. However, if your work requires a Makita air compressor with high quality parts, as well as performance, the Makita MAC2400 is a great option that one should consider.
  • Another concern about some of the Makita air compressor may not work efficiently and perfectly outside during winter. When these compressors are set outside the temperature is lower and colder, oil levels and heavy extensions attract a lot of current that may eventually cause problems with the air compressor.
  • Very few users have experienced and reported problems regarding the air compressor’s regulator.

Additional benefits of the best Makita air compressor

Tools and devices that are created by Makita are thoroughly tested and inspected before leaving their factory.  No matter what the circumstances, Makita products are guaranteed by the company to perform properly.  In the even that a Makita air compressor has a problem, the dissatisfied customer should contact makita within a certain period of time; ensuring that a replacement or refund will be provided.

ModelAir DeliveryMaximum Pressure (PSI)Tank Size (Gallons)Net Weight (Pounds) 

4.2 CFM
@ 90 PSI

Big Bore
Air Compressor
130 PSI4.2 gal77 lbsCTA3

6.5 CFM
@ 90 PSI

Big Bore
Air Compressor
140 PSI5.2 gal88 lbsCTA3

0.4 SCFM
@ 90PSI

Makita AC001
Compact Air
125 PSI1 gal23.1 lbsCTA3

3.6 CFM
@ 90 PSI

High Pressure
Air Compressor
400 PSI1.6 gal79.4CTA3


The typical Makita air compressor is immensely powerful.  They effectively deliver compressed air at a steady rate. The Makita air compressor units clearly blow away any type of competition due to the numerous impressive qualities, as well as the affordable cost each compressor has. So if you are looking for an air compressor that is very useful, efficient, that can deliver high quality and maximum performance while providing optimum efficiency, we can state that the Makita air compressor is definitely the right choice for anyone searching for top-quality devices.

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