Tips on How To Get The Perfect Air Compressor

tips 1Air compressors are tools that convert power into potential energy, and by several processes, forces air into storage tanks which increases the pressure; a simple tool with a lot of versatility and processes for various tasks.

There is a large variety of air compressors out in the market, thus making it necessary to consider a few things before purchasing one.


Air compressors can be used for a variety of tasks, but you must first know your range of projects to determine which air tools are necessary to get the job done.  Doing so will make the task of choosing an air compressor a lot easier for you.


Air compressors come in three grades and these are the consumer, contractor, and commercial grades. Remember that one should take into consideration the main purpose of purchasing a compressor while choosing among the following:

  • Consumer-grade compressors

tips 1.1These compressors are best suited for simple household tasks such as inflating toys, tires, mattresses, as well as powering nail and staple guns for carpentry. Compared to other air compressors, this type is smaller and more portable which is popular among people who enjoy travel and are usually on-the-go.  Despite the size, these devices still produce enough power to run smaller tools.

  •  Contractor-grade compressors.

tips 1.2The sizes of these types of compressors range from handheld to wheeled ones; wheeled compressors are equipped with a cart-like gadget attached to the device for towing purposes. In terms of uses and capabilities, these compressors are categorized between the consumer and commercial types, and are sufficient for household, roadside, and smaller construction projects.


  • Commercial-grade compressors

tips 1.3This type of compressor is most efficient for charging multiple high-powered tools, and is known for its reliability since it can power tools in any setting for 24 hours. Commercial-grade compressors are commonly found in building sites and manufacturing shops.


The power and capability of a compressor can be determined by looking at its size, power, and discharge pressure (CFM), since the compressor’s horsepower does not always indicate its true power. The size of its tank should also be considered, as well as the airflow rate and pressure, depending on the type of job you will be using the compressor for.


Aside from the size, power, and maximum pressure, it is also necessary to take note of the different styles of compressors. Listed are some of the various styles of air compressors:

  • Pancake Compressors
  • Hot Dog Compressors
  • Twin-Stack Air Compressors
  • Pontoon Air Compressors
  • Wheelbarrow Air Compressors
  • Vertical and Horizontal Compressors
  • Portable Air Compressors
  • Stationary Air Compressors
  • Truck-Mounted Compressors

Aside from these factors, it is also necessary to take note of the well-known brands of compressors that have a positive reputation, such as Ingersoll Rand, Makita, Porter-Cable, etc. to make sure that the compressor you buy will be efficient and of value. Also, remember to understand and read manuals before operating the air compressor to prevent any unwanted accidents while working on projects.

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